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WELCOME TO The Stage 1960s

To Re-live the legacy of Cambodian’s peak-time, we aim to recreate the essence of 1960s Cambodian architecture; integrating Khmer tradition with a strong French colonial influence. The main building uses elegant Cambodian wood, incorporating a colourful French style. The entire culinary journey of THE STAGE 1960s is an infusion of history,
culture and Cambodian childhood memories, delivering an unparalleled dining experience. Each dish not only reflects the local culture and history
but also holds a meaningful backstory. Using an eclectic reinvention of these times, The Stage 1960s revisits the end of the French colonial
period in Cambodia. Going back to traditional Khmer roots, while infusing some of French cuisine touches, which are still
prevalent in Cambodian cuisine today. The Stage 1960s brings guests a truly unique dining experience.
The Secrets of our Cambodian cuisine will be revealed through a sense of mystery,
transporting guests back in time with a deliciously intriguing dinner.


Always Delicious

Birthday Celebration

We are delighted to see the fruitful birthday celebration of your loved one at the most special moment. The Stage 1960s is pleased to offer a special birthday cake to those who celebrate the birthday and a lovely gift for the one who arranges the celebration. Our happy team is ready to set up a special table to celebrate this auspicious moment

Private dinner

The 1960 stage has unique features and designs to serve you with a classy private dining experience. This well-decorated indoor restaurant with a great collection of popular songs and musical accessories will bring you to the golden 1960s. In that sense, our private banquet setting is where culture and history will come together in an exceptional dining experience. We have a good selection of menu for you to choose.

Romantic Dinner

Delight in sophisticated candlelight under the stars with your beloved one at the most romantic venues:  APSARA PAVILION, SAKURA COURTYARD or in terrace THE STAGE 1960s. Allow us to organize a romantic dinner with lovely roses, a shared love menu with 6 courses and a bottle of red wine.


Always Delicious

The Stage 1960s

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Always Delicious


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  • William


    We had an excellent dinner and drinks in this restaurant and
    were made feel very welcome by all the staff. The food was excellent, the service outstanding.Mr Koi, the Supervisor, is a very professional and knowledgeable man and a great asset to this business, as are all the staff. We look forward to another visit soon.

  • Florence, Italy


    The best steak I haver had for long time. The restaurant in cute and very clean. The staff are friendly, helpful and professional. Sokim koy took care of us in an extraordinary way. I recommend everyone to come to this restaurant if you come to siem reap. Do not miss it. It would be a pity